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Hysbysiad: Wyddoch chi y gallwch chi nawr weld balans eich Cyfrif Rhent ar-lein
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Tuag at 2040 - Cynllun Llesiant Powys

Towards 2040, the Powys Well-being Plan contains 4 local objectives setting out what the Public Service Board wants Powys to look like in 2040. 

The Powys Well-being Plan, Towards 2040, has been developed to provide a long term vision of well-being in Powys.

It has four  local objectives [451KB]  and  12 well-being steps [1MB]  to achieve those objectives.

While the plan was being developed the PSB and its member organisations consulted and engaged with residents and communities about what mattered to them. The complete Engagement and Feedback Report is available here. We launched the plan in July 2018.  Watch our video here.

  Read the 'Towards 2040, the Powys Well-being Plan' [5MB]   


Our Local Objectives
Local Objectives image


The 12 steps to well-being
The 12 steps to well-being

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